ReWire Digital Selected to Develop Innovative Stroke Decision Support Tool for Qmetis

Albany, NY September 14, 2023 – ReWire Digital, a leading software and platform development firm, has been chosen to develop a cutting-edge Stroke assessment product called StrokeQx for Qmetis, a healthcare technology company specializing in evidence-based medicine. This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionize acute stroke management and improve patient outcomes through innovative digital solutions.

Qmetis is known for its evidence-based medicine treatment guidelines and decision tools that empower healthcare professionals with real-time information for use at a patient’s bedside and in the field. Their decision-support tools enhance compliance with guidelines, leading to improved patient outcomes and cost-effective care. The StrokeQx product will address acute stroke management, a critical healthcare challenge in the United States.

Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death and a significant source of disability in the U.S. StrokeQx will offer comprehensive support to medical teams, from emergency room arrivals to hospital admission and discharge. The platform will generate evidence-based reports for each patient, enabling medical professionals to monitor practices and provide services based on recommended evidence.

ReWire Digital’s expertise in software and digital platform development aligns seamlessly with Qmetis’ mission to advance evidence-based medicine through technology. The ReWire Digital team employs proven tools and techniques, embracing collaborative practices that prioritize seamless communication and efficient project execution.

“It’s an honor for ReWire Digital to be selected by Qmetis to develop the groundbreaking StrokeQx product,” said Alan Evans, Senior Partner, CIO, and Director of the ReWire Digital Division. “Our history of successful projects with Qmetis has created a strong collaborative relationship, and we greatly appreciate the trust they’ve placed in our capabilities. We are committed to delivering a solution that will revolutionize acute stroke management and make a lasting impact in the healthcare sector.”

ReWire Digital’s deep understanding of software development, digital platforms, and mobile apps positions them as a strategic partner for mission-critical projects across various sectors. Their tailored digital advisory and product development services offer unique advantages for enterprises, research institutions, government agencies, municipalities, and new ventures.

This partnership between ReWire Digital and Qmetis signifies a pivotal step toward enhancing healthcare outcomes and redefining acute stroke management. Together, they aim to create a transformative solution that empowers medical professionals, optimizes patient care, and contributes to a healthier society.


Alan M. Evans

Director, ReWire Digital Division


About ReWire Digital

ReWire Digital is a leading software and platform development firm within the ReWire Group. With a strong focus on innovation, usability, and cutting-edge technologies, ReWire Digital collaborates with clients to develop tailored digital solutions that drive growth and success. The Digital Team’s expertise spans software development, digital platform creation, mobile app development, and digital advisory services across various sectors. ReWire Digital empowers clients to achieve and maintain market leadership by delivering dynamic products and platforms deployed via secure cloud-based infrastructure.

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About Qmetis

Qmetis is a healthcare technology company built around evidence-based medicine. Their web-based decision-support tools deliver the latest evidence-based medicine treatment guidelines in real-time to doctors and nurses, enhancing compliance and improving patient outcomes. Qmetis is committed to transforming healthcare by providing innovative solutions that optimize patient care, reduce costs, and enhance medical decision-making.

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About StrokeQx

StrokeQx, designed by Qmetis, is an innovative platform that supports acute stroke management from the emergency room to hospital discharge. It generates evidence-based reports for each patient, enabling medical professionals to deliver services based on recommended evidence and monitor practice outcomes. StrokeQx empowers medical teams to enhance patient care and optimize acute stroke management processes.